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Steel Industry WTP

AS INTEC is specialized in providing optimized solutions for Water Treatment Plants in the Steel sector. Our experience, especially in Water Treatment Plants for Rolling Mills, Melt Shops and for the Pickling Line, together with our proven consulting competencies brought us to become one of the leading Companies in this field.
The expertise of our specialists in the whole steelmaking process and the deep knowledge of the related machines goes far beyond the typical water treatment. This way our staff is able to efficiently manage the available water resources of each plant and propose to the Costumer the best solution for his needs with reliable and cost effective solutions.


Ironmaking and steelmaking WTP

< Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)


< Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF – EOF)

< Hot Blast Stoves

< Modern Blast Furnace

< Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning

< Slag Granulation Systems

< Ladle Furnaces (LF)

< Vacuum Treatment Plants


Flat products WTP

< Thick Slab Casters

< Slab Grinders

< Plate Mills

< Cold Mill Complexes

< Cold Rolling Mills

< Color Coating and Printing Lines

< Thin Slab Casters

< Hot Strip Mills

< Steckel Mills

< Pickling Line Coupled with Tandem Cold Mill

< Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines

< Continuous Annealing Lines

< Stainless Steel


Long products WTP

< Bloom Casters

< Billet Casters

< Rolling Mill

< Reheating Furnaces for Long Products

< Bar and Section Mills (light – medium – heavy)

< Quenching – Thermoprocessing – Thermex

< Pipe Mills

< Pickling Lines

< Beam Blank Casters

< Billet and Bloom Grinders

< Big Bar Mills

< SQR – Special Quality Rail Mills


Aluminum and non-ferrous metals WTP

< Aluminum Melting and Holding

< Aluminum Continuous Casting Lines

< Aluminum Foil Rolling Mills

< Aluminum Coil Coating Lines

< Aluminum Rod Mills

< Aluminum Ecological and Recovery System

< Aluminum Recycling Equipment and Plants

< Aluminum Heating and Heat Treatment Furnaces

< Aluminum Hot Rolling Mills

< Aluminum Integrated Extrusion Plant Technology

< Aluminum Gas Treating Centers

< Copper Tube Drawing Plants

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